Le chef Eric Minet

Eric MinetEric Minet is thriving to develop new concepts based on the Belgian (ardennes) kitchen. The quality of the products is always his number one concern.

The kitchen is inseperable from the Belgian tradion. Examples of what to expect are:

Creamsoup from cidre with "escargots" from Ourchet
Paupiette from stripes of asparaguses from Malines and grey shrimps from the North Sea.
Chartreuse from our region with oyster-fungi from Barveaux and sauce "Peket d? Houyeu".
Eric Minet will let you experience a kitchen with our particular taste.

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Le chef: Eric Minet
- Winning Artisan - Cook from Belgium 2002 - 2003

- Winning cook form Belgium 1999 .

- Trophy diamond hat 2000 (whip in diamants)

- Second price winner in the international culinary tournement of Pierre Taittinger in Paris 2000.

- First price in tournement O.R.P.A.H. 1997 / 1998 / 2001

- First price in the culinary tournement of Ren? Neutel 1994

- First price winner in the international fishcooking tournement O.N.D.A.H. 1993

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